LineWorks CarMa

Module for centralized management of all transport units

LineWorks Carrier Management (CarMa) is mainly designed to store information about groupings of units (carriers, transport units, materials, etc.). CarMa supports the assignment and release of units/materials to a carrier or a carrier to another carrier (nested grouping). On the one hand you can assign material to a carrier, or even a carrier to another carrier and finally you can retrieve the information, which assignments of material and carriers you have. Based on that information you can extract material or carriers again to isolate them.


  • Free definable types of carriers like carrier, magazine, palette, pcb, horde, box, cassette, etc.
  • multilevel hierarchies (nested grouping)
  • tracking of all carrier movements (history)
  • free grouping of level depths for sub-units (carrier)
  • Support of slot numbers and x, y, z positions within carriers
  • Locking of carriers

Highlights of Release 1.2.1:

  • Admin Guide regarding WebUI and required user permissions
  • support for starting and stopping server instances individually
  • Implement automated continuous integration for CARMA in Jenkins build
  • Standard tables and APIs for WEB UI
  • Unify object type of Carrier Types