The Master Process Monitor

LineWorks MPM has been developed to provide operators and engineers with a real-time overview of their production results. Information about Pass or Fail of each unit manufactured is collected by LineWorks WIP and sent to the MPM-Server to be monitored according to defined rules. If one of those rules is violated, a notification can be sent via email, SMS, horn, etc. to a group of responsible people for confirmation. LineWorks MPM allows to lock or unlock one or more production equipment through events if one or more violation rules are registered or confirmed. Each rule violation will be recorded.


  • Monitoring of the production line
  • Control of shop floor equipment based on 10 rules with configurable parameters
  • Historization  of collected data
  • LineWorks iGate Reports, also for historized data - Channel Overview, Trend Report, Compare Report
  • Web-based administration client (WEBUI)
  • Pop-up notification client for violations on selected channels

Highlights of Release 2.1:

  • Support of multiple locks imposed on an equipment
  • New API for sample collection and sample details
  • Integrated MPM-Reporting and MPM-Offline Plug-ins based on LineWorks iGate

The standard view is divided into the following three areas:

  • Filter
  • Table of all available objects which can be filtered
  • Detailed view of the selected object

The Master Process Monitoring uses two nodes:

  • Channels to administer all the channels in MPM
  • Events to administer all the events in MPM