LineWorks PMDA

Administration of product definitions

LineWorks PMDA (Production Main Data Administration) is a component of LineWorks WIP that manages your product definitions, process steps, process plans, parts lists, and loss and failure reasons. It provides firms that have taken a strategic decision not to deploy a comprehensive ERP solution with integrated administration of their definitions and conceptual data. This enables manufacturing units to operate more autonomously, as well as avoiding significant investments in proprietary ERP solutions.

Key features:

  • Repository of available process plans
  • Repository of available process steps
  • Repository of available parts lists
  • Repository of materials and consumables
  • Repository for loss and fail reasons
  • Product definition with versioning
  • Support for multiple process plans per product workflow
  • Released versus non-released product versions
  • Graphical Process Plan Editor

Highlights of Release 1.3:

  • New Config node in tree
  • Add Cut&Paste action on process steps, process plans, products etc.
  • Conditional flow support in PMDA Client (process plan editor)