Hierarchical offline Tool Recipe Management

There is an increasing demand for shorter project schedules and faster time to market. Imagine what equipment recipe maintenance efficiency could be achieved if:

  • You can reuse existing recipe modules without error prone copy & paste.
  • You can maintain recipes offline and hierarchically without interfering with production.
  • You can adapt existing recipes complying with full lifecycle obligations.
  • You do not need to search but will find the recipes and their changes when you need them.



  • Holistic equipment recipe knowledge management 
  • Faster and more efficient tool recipe maintenance with reduction of error prone copy and paste while creating new recipes and process flows
  • Seamless, compliant documentation of the recipe history
  • Turn your IP into a salable product

Manufacturability assessment and scrap prevention

Can you imagine the value of being aware that an experiment is going to fail before you executed it? Imagine the value:

  • You can avoid scrap substrates due to misprocessing
  • You can evade equipment downtime due to contamination
  • You are able to prevent unsuccessful experiments



  • Enforce consistency checks for processes before actual manufacturing
  • Eliminate the repetition of errors
  • Prevent damage or contamination to equipment

Powerful and flexible Calculation Management

What would it mean to you if:

  • All your process engineers could perform virtual prototyping and assessment before running experiments in your fab?
  • Process engineers could do process calculations (TCAD simulations, cost assessments, etc.) at the push of a button?



  • Start and control simulation and calculation from the same environment without media breaks
  • Expedite the usage of expensive calculation tools by allowing all engineers to use them
  • Reduce the Work In Progress by virtualizing experimentation

Experiment Management, Tracking, and Historian

Are you tired of:

  • Mundane data management tasks?
  • Incomplete and inconsistent data for analyses?
  • Data in different non searchable formats and silos?
  • Spending hours to rearrange data for statistical assessment and reports?



  • Audit compliant experiment documentation with complete version and change history
  • Improved development transparency, reuse and collaboration
  • Innovate and do not reinvent the wheel by re-learning previous knowledge

XperiDesk Operator Client

A lot of paper runcards are still used in R&D oriented environments. With the XperiDesk Operator Client the paper runcard can be substituted by electronically guiding the operator through the next necessary steps at the selected equipment.



  • Increased accuracy in tracking and tracing
  • Increased efficiency in WIP coordination and visibility
  • Possibility to amend the last minute changes through engineering
  • Reduced data replication and duplication errors
  • Improved lab / fab throughput

XperiDesk Excel Import Client

Do you use Microsoft Excel for your development? Do you have:

  • Data cluttered in different files?
  • Non-functioning links?
  • Non-searchable files without context?
  • Many different sheet formats?



  • Sophisticated raw data importing and structuring capabilities from MS Excel sheets
  • Versatile cell selection and tabbing possibilities to extract data, even using regular expressions to filter content
  • Loaded data becomes unit aware and is assigned to specific parameters
  • Creation of diverse entity types from extracted data
  • Context building via relating raw data with pre-existing data in XperiLink

XperiDesk File Loading Client

During the execution of experiments a lot of digital data is generated. Until now most of this data is stored on file servers, Groupware, content management systems or distributed on various local computers. The XperiDesk File Loading Client allows you to collect these files and to put them into context again.



  • Sophisticated unstructured file importing capabilities from file servers
  • Creation of all types of entities based on information in filenames and paths
  • Regular Expressions can be used to extract information from the full file paths and names
  • Relating file data with pre-existing data in XperiDesk and therefore (re-)establishing the context

XperiDesk SQL Import Client

You have multiple SQL based databases to collect your data in? You want to extract selective sets for analysis in a coherent way?

You are familiar with this situation:

  • The MES has the data for the processing
  • The Measurement group has its own database
  • QA uses other means to store its data
  • You spend hours to collect and merge this data for a report…



  • Sophisticated data import using the full flexibility of SQL
  • Selection of data from query results by just naming the column
  • Formatting of results using regular expressions
  • Formalizing especially numeric parameters (with unit!)
  • Data can be related to any existing entity (lot, project, wafer, etc.) in XperiLink

XperiDesk PDES Download


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