„IP is one of our core assets. However, it was difficult to productize it. Now, we have all process steps and modules documented in the XperiDesk recipe editor and can offer them as real product to our customers.”

Hierarchical offline Tool Recipe Management

There is an increasing demand for shorter project schedules and faster time to market. Imagine what equipment recipe maintenance efficiency could be achieved if:

  • You can reuse existing recipe modules without error prone copy & paste.
  • You can maintain recipes offline and hierarchically without interfering with production.
  • You can adapt existing recipes complying with full lifecycle obligations.
  • You do not need to search but will find the recipes and their changes when you need them.

XperiCipe enables you to reuse the recipes and documentation from previous developments, efficiently. It supports you in the management of data, information, and knowledge during the initial concept stages as well as lifecycle aware maintenance of manufacturing flows.

Data is managed from the minuscule conversion of values into different units to the organization of entire manufacturing flows. This documentation provides you with the means to productize and value your recipe IP.

With each development cycle, XperiCipe generates a greater aggregate of transferable efficiency. Use the simple drag & drop interface to reuse established processes and process modules. Sophisticated versioning and lifecycle management ensures that you are able to change recipes at any time without damaging your historical process documentation or production.

All these powerful tools come with unmatched flexibility. In short, XperiCipe offers you the tools you need to be even more efficient. It gives you the necessary freedom you need to do research and recipe maintenance, effectively.

„To create runcards for experiments used to be tedious. Lots of copy and paste in Word and Excel… resulting in lots of errors. With the recipe editor in XperiDesk, that changed. It’s just a drag and drop exercise to create and verify new process flows.”


  • Holistic equipment recipe knowledge management 
  • Faster and more efficient tool recipe maintenance with reduction of error prone copy and paste while creating new recipes and process flows
  • Seamless, compliant documentation of the recipe history
  • Turn your IP into a salable product



  • Arrange process flows, process recipes, materials, substrates into multiple categories
  • Use sophisticated inheritance and grouping capabilities to ease access, organization and maintenance
  • Physically quantifiable parameters and automatic unit conversion provides for accurate representation (parameters as intervals, materials, etc.)
  • Use complex calculation models to change parameter values according to your target parameters (e.g. deposition time depending on the needed layer thickness)
  • Drag and drop editing allows for assembling of new or modification of existing process flows within minutes
  • Multiple users can use the same process data for discrete needs, purposes and views without data duplication
  • Access and organize data without having prior knowledge of the structure of the data
  • Retrieve all recipe data flexibly using the sophisticated search engine
  • Protect your IP through user rights management on an per item basis

Management of material properties:

Management of recipe parameters:


Management of manufacturing flows:

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