XperiDesk Excel Import Client

Do you use Microsoft Excel for your development? Do you have:

  • Data cluttered in different files?
  • Non-functioning links?
  • Non-searchable files without context?
  • Many different sheet formats?

The XperiDesk Excel Import Client offers an easy way to import existing data from Excel and similar sheets into XperiDesk. Data from different sources is loaded into the system. The data is linked automatically to other results or data points in XperiLink. Parameter values become even aware of their unit. This results in searchable information instead of distributed raw data in Excel files. Cause and effect analyses can now be made faster, reports become available on a button click and it takes minutes instead of days from data generation to statistical analysis.

"We are using MS Excel for our development. With the Excel Importing capabilities of XperiLink we were able to keep our established worksheets while enhancing data visibility and searchability drastically!”


  • Sophisticated raw data importing and structuring capabilities from MS Excel sheets
  • Versatile cell selection and tabbing possibilities to extract data, even using regular expressions to filter content
  • Loaded data becomes unit aware and is assigned to specific parameters
  • Creation of diverse entity types from extracted data
  • Context building via relating raw data with pre-existing data in XperiLink
  • Scheduled jobs can be used to import sheets on a regular basis
  • History is kept by sophisticated versioning possibilities
  • XperiEIC is a separate client to XperiDesk. Data can be consolidated from diverse locations into a single server.

Interactions of the XperiEIC module with XperiLink and the other import modules: