Manufacturability assessment and scrap prevention

Can you imagine the value of being aware that an experiment is going to fail before you executed it? Imagine the value:

  • You can avoid scrap substrates due to misprocessing
  • You can evade equipment downtime due to contamination
  • You are able to prevent unsuccessful experiments

XperiFication’s rule based consistency checking engine fulfills this critical development and business requirements. It permits you to perform a virtual assessment / manufacturability check on a newly created or modified process flow recipe. By using knowledge gained in previous experiments it helps you to avoid costly failed / unsuccessful experiments.

"The rookie contaminated the oven… again. With the rule based checks in XperiFication, that wouldn’t have happened."


  • Enforce consistency checks for processes before actual manufacturing
  • Eliminate the repetition of errors
  • Prevent damage or contamination to equipment



  • Create hierarchical rules specific to your equipment, recipes and environments
  • Manage generic and specialized rules
  • Assess manufacturability with rule based consistency checks

Management of manufacturability rules:

Results of a manufacturabilty check: