XperiDesk File Loading Client

During the execution of experiments a lot of digital data is generated. Until now most of this data is stored on file servers, Groupware, content management systems or distributed on various local computers. Even worse, the complete context of a data item is not maintained.

The XperiDesk File Loading Client allows you to collect these files and to put them into context again. It loads and links the metrology results to the substrates, the production process and other results. The data is then available and searchable in the context of the experimentation or production.

"Our research results were distributed on the laptops of the different engineers. Visibility was low and files were inaccessible especially when engineers were out of office. Running the XperiDesk File Loading Client once a day has improved date visibility and traceability tremendously!”


  • Sophisticated unstructured file importing capabilities from file servers
  • Creation of all types of entities based on information in filenames and paths
  • Regular Expressions can be used to extract information from the full file paths and names
  • Relating file data with pre-existing data in XperiDesk and therefore (re-)establishing the context
  • Scheduled jobs can be used to import file trees on a regular basis to merge new into old data (keeping old data available in a separate version)
  • XperiFLC is a separate client to the XperiDesk server. Data can be consolidated from diverse locations into a single server.

Interactions of the XperiFLC module with XperiLink and the other import modules: