XperiDesk Operator Client

A lot of paper runcards are still used in R&D oriented environments. They are moving along with their lots and once printed are difficult to amend with last minute engineering changes. This fire and forget approach makes the coordination of which lot has priority and the scheduling of the different moves as well as which operator is supposed to move which lot at which machine a mostly manual process. Furthermore notes and measurement data are oftentimes recorded manually on the runcard and are later on entered into some system or are scanned as non-searchable images. This double recording cause overhead as well as it is potentially error prone.

With the XperiDesk Operator Client these issues can be addressed. The paper runcard can be substituted by electronically guiding the operator through the next necessary steps at the selected equipment. Observations, recipe changes, measurement data, etc. can be recorded directly on the networked equipment or on a mobile device and is therefore immediately visible to everybody.

"Previously our operators were noting down their observations, parameter settings, etc. on the paper runcard’s and were supposed to register the data again electronically in a spreadsheet. With the XperiDesk Operator client they can easily and directly collect the information electronically on their tablets and the data is immediately available to everyone.”


  • Increased accuracy in tracking and tracing
  • Increased efficiency in WIP coordination and visibility
  • Possibility to amend the last minute changes through engineering
  • Reduced data replication and duplication errors
  • Improved lab / fab throughput



  • Slim and web-based GUI for operators in the line
  • Tool based view on all Work In Progress (WIP)