Powerful and flexible Calculation Management

What would it mean to you if:

  • All your process engineers could perform virtual prototyping and assessment before running experiments in your fab?
  • Process engineers could do process calculations (TCAD simulations, cost assessments, etc.) at the push of a button?

XperiSim’s generic simulation and calculation interface achieves exactly that. It manages models for multiple simulators / calculators that can be adapted by experts for company wide use. That frees up the experts time to do more sophisticated setups and allows all engineers, without prior experience, to run all kinds of flow / route based calculations (device structure generation, costs, etc.) themselves. XperiSim builds the necessary input without requiring any programming or intimate calculator engine knowledge.


  • Start and control simulation and calculation from the same environment without media breaks
  • Expedite the usage of expensive calculation tools by allowing all engineers to use them
  • Reduce the Work In Progress by virtualizing experimentation



  • Manage mask sets, calculation models and tools including model inheritance inside the process recipes
  • Apply virtual prototyping via an open interface to diverse simulation, calculation and visualization software
  • Access complete simulation history from any client
  • Enable the comparison of simulation and real results (with XperiLink)

Start of a structure simulation or different calculation

Resulting structure for an example using Coventor Semulator3D