In times of hardship and growing competition, success with new products and innovation comes from collaboration and focusing on key competencies. Furthermore engineering efficiency is a result of focusing engineering work on the value added and creative tasks. These objectives can be achieved using the software system XperiDesk. Development data is structured into information and made it easily accessible, everywhere, anytime. As a result XperiDesk helps to avoid repeating experiments that have already been completed in the past. New and existing data can be correlated and thus new, valuable information can be exposed. For example, XperiDesk can build up a network of essential information that will not only benefit current developments, but will be useful in future process development too; saving companies valuable time and money.

When describing solutions for common challenges in R&D organizations, it is important to take a role specific viewpoint. Therefore the following blocks split up the challenges and corresponding solutions by roles involved in R&D.

Process Engineer

Challenges & solutions for process engineers

Challenge: monitoring of development progress is time consuming
Solution: transparency of experiment status via shared, autofilled platform

Challenge: due to not up to date experiment / development status, corrective actions are started too late
Solution: the direct access to the precise status allows for more in depth control and timely corrective actions

Challenge: collection & archival of experiment data is time consuming
Solution: automized data collection from various sources and equipments reduces the amount of data collection errors and the required times

Challenge: difficult or unsuccessful retrieval of historical data -> experiments need to be rerun
Solution: easy & fast retrieval of historical data via graphical, context aware navigation, Google like search or structured search

Challenge: data collection and assembly for analysis is time consuming / error prone
Solution: selection of data for analysis is fast and easy via saved searches

Challenge: gathering of experiment data and information for and assembly into a report is time consuming
Solution: all data and information is easily exportable to e.g. MS PowerPoint, PDF, selective knowledge package, ...

Challenge: checks of manufacturability and of potential contamination issues are time consuming / require long approval loops
Solution:  initial checks via XperiFication can be performed quickly and can use the complete, collectively assembled knowledge

Challenge: access to other engineers knowledge is difficult at best
Solution: manufacturability knowledge can be stored as rules inside the XperiDesk system and therefore can be used more effectively

Challenge: uncertainty concerning some process step or process flow modifications
Solution: access to collaborative manufacturing knowledge

Challenge: missing access to a comprehensive recipe databaseSolution: complete & structured recipe database in XperiCipe

Challenge: projects for technology transfer are tedious and error prone
Solution: easily exportable,  selective knowledge database for reference

Challenge: data retrieval and search difficult due to different (scaling of) units
Solution: searching relies on scientific / unit aware storage of numeric data

Device Engineer

Challenges & solutions for device engineers

Challenge: assembling a runcard / manufactruing flow in a document / spreadsheet is time consuming and error prone
Solution: fast and consistent creation of a runcard / manufacturing flow via drag&drop

Challenge: simulation experts have work overload such that the finishing of simulation requests is delayed -> delay in project progress and execution of the experiment in the laboratory / fabrication line
Solution: TCAD and other flow based calculations can easily be performed by all engineers

Challenge: management of simulation results is costly / time consuming
automatic, versioned management of all simulation results

Challenge: delay between finishing simulations / calculations and hand-over to requestor
Solution: direct access to calculation status and to the final results

Integration Engineer

Challenges & solutions for integration engineers

Challenge: predicting the costs of a manufacturing flow is time consuming / imprecise
Solution: easy to use, powerful calculations (cost, structure, ...) based on a manufacturing flow

Challenge: definition of a simulation setup is complex and time consuming
Solution: by simulation models defined by expert the complexity is reduced to the selection and parameterization of models

Challenge: simulation experts have work overload such that the finishing of simulation requests is delayed -> delay in project progress and execution of the experiment in the laboratory / fabrication line
Solution: TCAD and other flow based calculations can easily be performed by all engineers

Challenge: preparations of a technology transfer project are complex and time consuming; as a result only a long document is created
Solution: a selective knowledge database can easily be assembled and be used as reference during a tech transfer project

R&D Manager

Challenges & solutions for R&D Manager, ...

Challenge: double data recording (1st paper, 2nd electronic) by operators is error prone
Solution: direct electronic data recording in XperiDesk web client

Challenge: operators working on lower priority tasks
Solution: transparency about next operations steps and priorities

Challenge: not or wrongly recorded data -> repetition on experiment
Solution: automated and complete capture of experiment data

Challenge: data of experiments is not recoverable -> repeating of experiments necessary
Solution: sophisticated, easy to search experiment database

Challenge: experiments are setup in the wrong way / create preventable scrap
Solution: prevention of wrongly setup recipes by manufacturability check

Challenge: development cycles take too long due to equipment downtime
Solution:  manufacturability check reduces equipment downtime implied by human error

Challenge:physical rather than virtual experiments / insufficient usage of virtual manufacturing (TCAD)
Solution: easy to use and more widespread use flow based calculations

Challenge: uncertainty of project schedules by experiment planning based on gut-feeling
Solution: time recording for experimental work -> better planning base

Challenge: development project stall or commence into a  dead end
Solution: access to holistic knowledge -> can prevent dead ends

Challenge: status reports on projects outdated
Solution: transparent and timely status update

Challenge: limited / hampered collaborative  learning
holistic knowledge management and collaborative learning

Challenge: usage of old / retired data
Solution: always latest data and older version available


Challenges & solutions for operators

Challenge: double data recording (1st paper, 2nd electronic)
Solution: one time data recording directly in XeriDesk web client

Challenge: time consuming syncronization about the experiment and development status
Solution: transparent status directly accessible to every authorized person

Challenge: Which manufacturing step to execute on which equipment next?
Solution: Web-Client on mobile device with clear prioritization of the operations