Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) denotes the Ground Zero of a new age, which will cause global changes due to technological innovations. This change reveals unimagined economic opportunities. It will form existing branches or even create new industries. In future as technology, new cyber-physical systems (CPS) will be available, which are promoted by the German "Industry 4.0" program. Equipped with small sensors and actuators, CPS are networks of computers that will be integrated into materials, objects, equipment, and machine parts as so-called "embedded systems" jointly communicating via the internet. From these smart systems, so-called "Embedded MES" (Manufacturing Execution Systems) can be built, which are equipped with high intelligence and act far more autonomous in comparison to today's automation.

Value networks emerge …

In order to integrate these smart systems to dynamic, competitive value networks that are coordinated and work efficiently, an organization needs a separate crosslinking control layer which is provided by a so-called Enterprise MES. You can obtain such Enterprise MES from camLine in diverse forms, i.e. as modular software solutions or as the accomplishment of an all-in-one approach.

Solutions made by camLine …

they do not only collect data just to document and provide complete traceability. De facto, they control and organize throughout entire shop floor operations or perform tasks for quality assurance on flexible value networks. As an independent IT layer in an organization, an Enterprise MES is an integral part of manufacturing. It naturally offers interfaces to other IT systems, such as ERP systems for the economic controlling.

Enterprise MES in conjunction with Embedded MES …

in the future, they will be an integral part of interconnected organizations with the aim to optimize different criteria such as time, quality, and costs through resource efficiency as well as productivity and efficiency enhancements. The manufacturing processes will gain more flexibility and can be adapted to market trends or short-term situation changes easier. Overall, manufacturing will be presented by an individualized production that will empower you to economically produce diverse product variants at low cost in the future and, in this manner, to serve individual customer requirements, profitably.

camLine MES and more

MES and more

camLine provides industrial manufacturers IT infrastructure solutions that are based on own software brands including consulting and support. Implementations can be found worldwide, from small production sites to global organizations with networked manufacturing or supply networks. Primarily, these solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern productions. In more and more industries under the heading MES, Manufacturing Execution Systems are gaining attention as a recognized and independent crosslinking control layer for the productions. With other words, this means the IT-supported organization and monitoring of process definitions and the detailed planning and scheduled execution of job orders (due to the standards ISA-88 and ISA-95) with the aim to gain flexibility and efficiency, thereby saving manufacturing costs.

Under the motto "MES and more" camLine promotes its Enterprise MES solutions in the following two aspects:

  • The solutions can be classified not only by the in ISA-95 described vertical integration between shop floor and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). They are also significantly influenced by the cultural imprint that has found its place in modern manufacturing in the last decades through business management strategies and quality programs, such as Lean, TQM, Kaizen or Zero Defect.
  • The horizontal integration of all value networks is becoming increasingly important, which is why camLine solutions are expanded and offered to this field within the area of quality assurance.
MES and more

MES and more offers you following added value:

  • Easier financing of investments
  • Great flexibility and increased efficiency through a smart and compact solution
  • High adaptability to market developments
  • Lower error rates
  • Improved utilization of production facilities
  • Integration of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual production systems
  • Demand-driven and flexible optimization
  • Embedding individual SMEs in greater quality assurance (QA) networks
  • QA cooperation of major corporations
Service Offering Portfolio

Greater performance along Time-to-Market

Efficient information flows inside R&D and in exchange with manufacturing

Incorporating a Product Development Execution System (PDES), camLine has expanded its Service Offering Portfolio (SOP) towards Research and Development (R&D). Its organizational introduction allows a more efficient development of technologies. Particularly noteworthy is that the approach itself takes into account even “greenfield developments”. Interconnecting PDES with an Enterprise MES leads to an improved integration of information sharing between R&D and the production. The product life cycle starting from the initial product idea up to the ramp-up in large numbers will be much better assisted which ultimately enables a more rapid response to a higher momentum in the markets; and “The first is going to win” holds also here.

camLine business

The enhanced alliance between R&D and manufacturing is even more supported by two additional camLine services: On the one hand, camLine develops tools for modern manufacturing analytics and on the other, you can take advantage of services that aim to improve the efficiency of the innovation cycle.


Increase yield and reduce costs with manufacturing analytics

Big Data technologies for industrial companies of different sizes

This is the motto camLine expands its range of services for the future. The data pools of the future will grow by dimensions. The intelligent networking offers you the potential for a decisive information advantage to speed up decisions and to optimize business processes.

As an industrial manufacturer, you can leverage manufacturing analytics for the following objectives:

  • Increase yield and reduce costs
  • Get better insight into own operational processes
  • Make value networks more efficiently
  • Improve productivity
  • Initiate interconnected continuous improvement programs
  • Support innovation

The objectives do not seem to have changed much compared to the past. What is really new here?

Manufacturing Analytics

Our environment has changed and provides data from distributed data sources on a very large scale of how they were not in the past made available. The challenge is to merge these distributed data sources from

  • own organizations (e.g. OLTP, i.e. relevant data from the current production control),
  • supplier networks, and from
  • various channels, especially with respect to customer feedback,

to a gigantic data lake that respects the local data sovereignty but fullfills all conditions to gain targeted high-quality information from the data universe. This is done in three steps:

  • Data Mining
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

This approach is only possible by combining pioneering Big Data technologies with conventional data warehouse strategies. The objective is the development of a Smart Data platform for a straight forward and high-performance information delivery to various output devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or traditional PCs.

Innovation Efficiency

Improve Innovation Efficiency

camLine supports you from the very first idea for a new product, technology, etc. (greenfield development) till high volume manufacturing. In the initial phases of innovation, camLine provides methodological advisory and consulting as well as software improving the innovation efficiency. The spectrum of offerings cover:

  • The analysis of innovation processes
  • Advisory for improvement
  • Consulting and planning to minimize the effort for experiments
  • Guidance and training in efficient, collaborative engineering
  • Concept development for innovation IT support and automation

Diverse concepts and efficiency technologies are applied, e.g. Design of Experiments, technology knowledge management, virtual manufacturing, engineering statistics, and engineering data analysis. With camLine’s methodological approaches and software technologies, your innovation activities can be made more efficient keeping you ahead of your competition.

Innovation Efficiency