Increasing product variety drives increasing complexity in manufacturing processes. In turn, increasingly powerful IT systems are required to guarantee the highest levels of production security, while also ensuring continuous traceability.

camLine delivers flexible software solutions to a wide range of traceability issues in the semiconductor, automotive, microelectronics and photovoltaic industries.In particular, these products can help you address the following challenges:


Assured product liability

The ability to track back the complete manufacturing process, including all used materials and process parameters, is essential for meeting product reliability requirements. camLine ensures you always know, what, where, when and how a product, semi-product or raw material has been consumed.


Documented manufacturing

Documentation is a key issue in relation to:

  • Complying with regulation such as ISO 9000ff or VDA 6.1
  • Avoiding quality failures that result in expensive returns or recalls
  • Protection in the event of legal action

camLine minimizes your risk in these scenarios by ensuring all your manufacturing documentation is traceable


Lean recalls

Without a reliable documentation tracing system, employees often have to spend hours on detective work in the event of a recall, looking for charge numbers, goods receipt numbers and the like. With camLine, you can implement a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that ensures document traceability, almost at the touch of a button.


Variable work flows…

…without obstacles: implementing a camLine MES also gives you traceability in relation to irregular workflows including such reworking, reflashing, samples, returns or quick change scenarios.